Candy Converters; healthy candy

Candy Converters sells edible paper designs, which are glutenfree, vegetarian, sugar free and biodegradable! it's healthy candy for you as well for the environment! Various products for a great party or just to decorate your interior without producing waste! The products range from different styles of confetti, edible bunting, edible flags, edible hearts etc, all in lovely pastel colors, which dissolve when in contact with water.  It is a totally natural product, so if you throw confetti outside, no worries, after one rainshower it will be gone! The products are designed by Barbara Vos and Ida van Esch. Order your edible products here! 

"We sell healthy candy; glutenfree, vegetarian and sugar free!"

Barbara Vos and Ida van Esch are the creators and founders of the Candy Converters. Two crazy professionals, who see multiple possibilities of existing material and think and create new products. Not only the material but also a sense of humor are the basic ingredients for colorful products with a twist. Follow us on instagram and Facebook and see what we have in store!

Production of the Guirlande Gourmet, edible bunting.