Biodegradable (and edible!) party stuff

Candy Converters sells edible paper designs, which are glutenfree, vegetarian, sugar free and biodegradable (if you choose not to eat it)! it's healthy candy for you as well for the environment! Various products for a great party or just to decorate your interior without producing waste! The products range from different styles of confetti, edible bunting, edible flags, edible hearts etc, all in lovely pastel colors, which dissolve when in contact with water. It is a totally natural product, so if you throw confetti outside, no worries, after one rainshower it will be gone! The products are designed by Barbara Vos and Ida van Esch. Order your edible products here! 

Conscious Confetti

This bio degradable and edible confetti replaces your normal traditional confetti. Don't use plastic or paper confetti anymore, but use ours! Use inside or outside the house. After rain it will vanish. It is good for you and the environment! Have a healty party! We sell different sizes of confetti; long, short, rectangular and other shapes. Made of edible paper.

Party Pasta Confetti

Pasta (Italian for dough) is the name for pasta made from durum wheat in Italian cuisine. Advantage of our Party Pasta: you don’t need  to cook, but it is immediately ready for use. Trow it in the air, try to catch it with your open mouth and eat it!

We sell this party pasta in big and small bags
Dimensions: 6mm wide, approxm. 25 cm long. 
Made of edible paper.

Delicate Dots Confetti

Delicate Dots, Big Confetti! Except, these you don’t throw on the floor, but on whipped cream, in your custard or as a cupcake decoration. By the way, if something still gets on the floor, then the dog has an after party! Also nice to send in a thank-you-gift envelop as a little surprise. Made of edible paper.

Dutch Parties are called 'feestjes'

Dutch people always have a reason to celebrate, to have a 'feestje'. We celebrate holidays like Christmas, Carnival, Easter, but also birthdays, baptisms, getting your driving license, buying or selling a house or newborn kittens. If you really want to, there's a celebration opportunity every weekend, every day even!


Sometimes we celebrate at home with a gezellig (typical Dutch) bakkie coffee, or we celebrate with a bunch of wild women at the beach drinking champagne. But what's almost never missing is a pie or cake and decoration like candles, confetti and flags to have a great (kids) party, high tea or business lunch.


In order to get a better picture of our party traditions, we describe how a Dutch party could look like... Very often we hang ‘slingers’ (bunting). On the ceiling, in a tree or we lay them between the food on the table. We decorate the table with beautiful cloths, napkins & placemats. And if we hold our hands on top of our glasses, we love to throw confetti (and  we'll find them a few weeks later between the pillows of the couch).

We sell all of the above-mentioned ingredients to make a great party! And the fun of these party accessories is: You can eat them all! You never waste anything! (Just separating your packaging remains!). So, in the mood for something different? Let's party and eat this!